Top reasons to visit

With over 30 thrilling rides, attractions and live events, Thorpe Park Resort is the ultimate experience for both thrill-seekers and families and the UK's must visit destination to scream louder, laugh harder and share endless fun.

Why not stay at the jawesome Thorpe Shark Hotel where you're just a fin away from all the action! Remember, Thorpe Breaks include your 2nd Day FREE in the Park! Take a look at our top 10 reasons to visit...

1. Thorpe Shark Hotel

Looking for a quirky, bite-size place to crash after a jam-packed day in Thorpe Park? Look no further than the Thorpe Shark Hotel! There's a jawesome number of exclusive Thorpe Shark Hotel benefits you can enjoy, including Unlimited Fastrack on your 2nd day (valid until 11am), and free parking!

2. Nearby partner hotels

We've got an excellent selection of budget-friendly partner hotels near Thorpe Park Resort. Whether you're looking for quality time with the family or a laugh with your friends, we can cater to everyone. Take a look at our nearby partner hotels for more information and range of facilities.

3. Thorpe Breaks offers

Every Thorpe Break includes Thorpe Park Resort tickets, an overnight stay in either the jawesome Thorpe Shark Hotel or a nearby partner hotel. With deals for every budget, it's easier and cheaper than ever to experience an unforgettable trip — Make the most of these fintastic offers whilst you can!

4. Cooling water rides

Whether you want to race against your friends and family and become the ultimate DEPTH CHARGE champ, surf the waves on TIDAL WAVE or take a more chilled approach at AMITY BEACH, there's something for everyone at Thorpe Park!

5. Thrill-seeker rides

Get that blood pumping on our range of jawesome rides! For hard core horror fans out there, dare to play a game with SAW — The Ride! Don't miss the chance to discover one of Europe's fastest rollercoasters — STEALTH! Experience the same brake horse power as two Formula 1 race cars!

6. Family friendly rides

For smaller, thrill-seeking novices, there's a whole host of family rides to set you on the path to adrenaline-rushing aficionado status. including Storm in a Teacup, Rocky Express and Mr Monkey's Banana Ride!

Discover ANGRY BIRDS 4D Experience, a truly wonderful spectacle as you champion the Angry Birds to retrieve eggs from the devious King Pig.

7. Merlin Holiday Club

Book a break, escape to the Island Like No Other and experience gravity-defying thrills! Plus, get up to 25% off with your Merlin Pass or Thorpe Park Season Pass!

8. Jungle Escape

Don't forget to also check out our all new Jungle Escape attraction — decode the clues, test your physical limits and prove yourself worthy in this new live adventure game!

9. Fright Nights

With live action mazes and attractions each year, FRIGHT NIGHTS is the terrifying place to be for Halloween! This year, prepare to push your fear endurance to the limit and survive horrifying scare attractions, including brand new live-action experiences devised by FEAR itself.

10. Jawesome facilities

Thorpe Park Resort is home to everything you'll need for your theme park short break. From a wide range of facilities for families to mouth-watering restaurants including Fin's Bar and Grill, there's also some great retail outlets where you can shop till you drop.

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