Book your FRIGHT NIGHTS short break between 20th – 24th October from only £199 per couple at the Thorpe Shark Hotel

At FRIGHT NIGHTS 2019 your darkest nightmares are set to reawaken as the UK's premier award-winning Halloween event returns under the omnipresent eye of FEAR.

Prepare to push your fear endurance to the limit and survive 8 horrifying scare attractions this October, including TWO brand new terrifying live-action horror experiences devised by FEAR itself; ensuring no phobia is left unexplored.

FRIGHT NIGHTS event dates: 10th–13th, 17th–31st October and 1st–3rd November 2019.

FRIGHT NIGHTS packages include:

Thorpe Shark Hotel guests also get:

PLUS, the return of SIX frightening favourites, including the award-winning The Walking Dead: Living Nightmare and petrifying Platform 15, as well as riding world-class rides in the dead of night.

Platform 15 at Thorpe Park Resort

Platform 15

Depart on a one way ticket and trek along the overgrown railway line, the last known route of the vanished locomotive — Sleeper Express.

Can you outrun what lies at the end of the line or will your journey terminate here, at Platform 15?

Screamplexx Cinema at Thorpe Park Resort

Screamplexx Cinema

Take a break in the Screamplexx Cinema presented by Bloody Cuts! Settle into your seat as you devour tantalisingly terrifying short films.

Nothing says Halloween like a terrifying horror movie marathon!

The Walking Dead: Living Nightmare at Thorpe Park Resort

The Walking Dead: Living Nightmare

Experience iconic scenes of the world's biggest horror franchise — choose your path and decide your fate.

Your fate is sealed, Lucille is coming!

The Walking Dead: Do or Die at Thorpe Park Resort

The Walking Dead: Do or Die

Your road to safety is within reach as you make your way through the compound in this live-action outdoor maze. Gaining a place at Sanctum isn't easy: you must find food or become food.

Those who arrive...survive!

Blair Witch at Thorpe Park Resort

Blair Witch

Return to the cursed Black Hills of Burkitsville as you once again experience the iconic horror movies at Thorpe Park Resort. Dare you enter the woods after night fall?

And remember: never spend the night. Never look her in the eyes. Never turn away from the corner.

Containment at Thorpe Park Resort


Face your fears and make the ultimate timed escape — tasked with finding the antidote to a fast-spreading infection, break the codes and make your way through each chilling challenge.

Can you escape CONTAINMENT? FREE for Thorpe Shark Hotel guests!

Terror at Amity Hig at Thorpe Park Resort

Terror at Amity High – High School Sucks!

The teens of Amity Cove invite you to join their bloodthirsty festivities up at Make-Out Point behind the old Speedway. But these are no ordinary high schoolers — they're always on the lookout for fresh young blood to join their gang. Stay calm, try to blend in and hopefully you'll survive the night. . .

Shocking shows every 20 minutes from 3pm at Stealth Plaza.

Feared 5 Challenge at Thorpe Park Resort

Feared 5 Challenge

Become a master of darkness at FRIGHT NIGHTS 2019 and take on our frightful Feared 5 challenge, by braving some of Europe's most thrilling coasters in the pitch black. Simply ride each of our big five coasters once, scan the QR codes located in the coaster queue lines, decipher the creepy code-word and quote it at the Megastore for a FREE exclusive Feared 5 wristband.

Creek Freak Massacre at Thorpe Park Resort

Creek Freak Massacre

How much wood would a wood chop chop if a wood chop could chop YOU? Hacking their way into the old abandoned Creek Woods Saw Mill in 2019, tread carefully past a deranged family of lumberjacks and prepare for the gruesome worst as you take on more chainsaw massacre madness than ever before in Creek Freak Massacre.


Thorpe Shark Hotel at Thorpe Park Resort


Make your FRIGHT NIGHTS 2019 package jawesome with a stay in our bite–size cabins!

Located in the heart of the Resort, there's no better place to face your fears...

Nearby Hotels to THORPE PARK Resort

Nearby Hotels

We have a great choice of nearby hotels, perfectly hand–picked to give you the best short break possible!

Whether you're looking for distance to the Park or fantastic facilities, we have something to suit every budget!


Terms and conditions apply.

Lead price from £199 is based on 2 people staying at the Thorpe Shark Hotel between 20th – 24th October.

*2nd Day FREE is a park entry day and is valid on all hotel and ticket packages. 2nd Day FREE is valid in the Theme Park only and must be used the day after your first day in the Park. 2nd Day FREE does not apply where the Theme Park is closed on the 2nd day of your stay.

**Unlimited Fastrack on your 2nd day (10am–11am) is valid for guests staying overnight at the Thorpe Shark Hotel and is valid on all Fastrack rides.

***Unlimited Fastrack on mazes is valid for guests staying at the Thorpe Shark Hotel only and is valid for between 3pm–4pm on their 2nd day for 2-day ticket packages. Guests will be provided with a wristband upon check-in. This is valid on all mazes except Blair Witch. All mazes are subject to change and availability

Containment ticket is inculded in Thorpe Shark Hotel Packages only.

The following stay dates include a one day ticket that must be used on your day of arrival: 13th and 3rd November 2019. (2nd Day FREE is not valid on these dates).

The following stay dates include a one day ticket that must be used on your 2nd day (check out date): 9th and 16th October 2019. (2nd Day FREE is not valid on these dates).

Please be aware the Theme Park is closed and FRIGHT NIGHTS is not available on the following dates: 9th, 14th, 15th and 16th October 2019.

Please note: FRIGHT NIGHTS attractions begin at 3pm, this event may be too intense for young children and is not recommended for anyone under the age of 13. We reserve the right to refuse entry to guests under the influence of alcohol. Please note some events and attractions may have additional charges. Breakfast is included in all package unless otherwise stated. Subject to availability.


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