Brace yourself as the UK's premier award-winning Halloween event returns for a fearful celebration!

Featuring spine-tingling scare zones, awe-inspiring live shows, and truly terrifying scare mazes. Plus, be absorbed into the chilling atmosphere that awaits you before taking on some of the UK's most thrilling rides in the dead of night, but beware – FEAR is lurking around every corner.

Join the Thrillmakers to celebrate 20 YEARS OF FEAR at THORPE PARK Resort! FRIGHT NIGHTS on 8th, 9th and 10th October PLUS every day from 15th – 31st October 2021.

FRIGHT NIGHTS packages include:

  • An overnight stay in the Thorpe Shark Cabins or a nearby hotel
  • A delicious breakfast

THORPE SHARK Cabins guests also get:

  • 2 day entry in to Thorpe Park Resort*
  • FREE car parking
  • 10% off of shops and restaurants

PLUS, on your second day into the theme park you will receive:

  • UNLIMITED access to all three FRIGHT NIGHTS mazes between 3pm – 4pm**
  • EXCLUSIVE access to the new for 2021 attraction Black Mirror Labyrinth
  • UNLIMITED Fastrack between 10am – 11am

FRIGHT NIGHTS attractions begin at 3pm.


The blades of Creek Woods Sawmill are spinning once again, and the deranged Buckwheat family are back wreaking havoc in their pursuit to find new recruits! Watch your back as you pass these vindictive lumberjacks, and hope you make it out the other side…

The Crows of
Mawkin Meadow

NEW for 2021! Take a walk through the cursed village of Mawkin Meadow and unearth the origins of the infamous Crows. Trek carefully through the darkened fields of corn and hope your presence goes unnoticed, these folk don't take well to outsiders.


Enter the dystopian wasteland after dark as THE SWARM has invaded, leaving a path of carnage and desolation in its wake. Head with caution as you pass through this alien infested landscape and pray you aren't abducted by these other-worldly extra-terrestrials. THE SWARM: INVASION – the end is now.

Amity High vs LycanThorpe: LoveBITES!

New for 2021! The blood-thirsty teens of Amity High are partying at the old Speedway… vibes were high until the students of LycanThorpe gate-crashed the celebrations reigniting the vicious feud between the rival schools.

No one knows how this bitter rivalry started or how it will end, but amid the chaos are two star-crossed lovers kept apart by this toxic feud. They say love conquers all, will it win this time? Or will the night end in tragedy?


Near The Crows nobody goes, are they watching? Nobody knows. Myths passed down from generations. Did that just move, or was it your imagination? They roam and they creep in the dead of night, but blink and they're gone, out of sight. Near The Crows, nobody goes. Are they watching? Nobody knows.


Launch into darkness on Stealth – the UK's fastest coaster, experience the twisted torment of Colossus – the world's first ten looping coaster and take on the sick and twisted games of Jigsaw on SAW – The Ride.

Live shows!

Birthday BASH!

New for 2021! You're invited to Hattie and Hugo's birthday bash… but keep your wits about you, these are no ordinary twins! Don't be fooled by the bright balloons and shimmering streamers – all that glitters is not gold. Mummy's spoilt little angels have a dangerously devilish side… maybe you'll think twice next time you RSVP.

LEGACY – A Fire and Light Show

New for 2021! We're celebrating 20 years of FEAR with a spine-tingling pyrotechnical spectacular like no other! Featuring ferocious-fire effects alongside terrifying throwback tracks - this show will take you on a nostalgic journey to past FRIGHT NIGHTS faves leaving you mesmerised! This awe-inspiring display is sure to end your night of terror with a bang!



New for 2021! Immerse yourself in a dimension of nostalgia as you take your seat and journey into a gruesome and spine-chilling collection of horror classics… but will you make it past the Trailers?

Witness the power of film come to life this Halloween at SuperSpark Cinema – a picture house with a shocking reputation. From demonic monsters to killer clowns, no fear will go unmissed as you find yourself stuck inside a never-ending loop of terror with no escape!

So grab your ticket and tuck into your popcorn… the Trailers are about to begin.

Platform 15: End of the Line

Final call for all passengers! Depart on a one-way ticket and trek along the overgrown railway line, the last known route of the vanished locomotive - the notorious Sleeper Express. Don't lose your tracks and risk disturbing the haunted souls that were once aboard. Can you outrun what lies at the end of the line or will your journey terminate here, at Platform 15?

Creek Freak Massacre

How much wood would a wood chop chop if a wood chop could chop YOU? Hacking their way back into the now abandoned Creek Woods Sawmill, the Buckwheats are back with a vengeance! Brace yourself and prepare for the gruesome worst as you take on the chainsaw wielding maniacs - will you survive the madness?!



Make your FRIGHT NIGHTS 2021 package jawesome with a stay in our bite–size cabins, which come equipped with everything you need, including FREE WiFi and mood lighting!

Enjoy exclusive benefits when staying onsite, located in the heart of the Resort, there's no better place to face your fears...


Nearby Hotels

We have a great choice of nearby hotels, perfectly hand–picked to give you the best short break possible!

Whether you're looking for distance to the Park or fantastic facilities, we have something to suit every budget!


Please see offers and events pages for full details.

2021 FRIGHT NIGHT dates are: 8th – 10th and 15th – 31st October 2021.

*2nd Day park entry day is valid on on-site hotel and ticket packages. 2nd Day Park entry is valid in the Theme Park only and must be used the day after your first day in the Park. 2nd Day Park entry does not apply where the Theme Park is closed on the 2nd day of your stay.

**THORPE SHARK Cabins guests receive free maze entry between 3-4pm on the 2nd day of visit. If the park is closed on the day of your departure you will get this benefit on your check-in date.

†Unlimited 2nd day Fastrack is valid for guests staying at Thorpe Shark Cabins only. Valid between 10am and 11am on all days apart from day of arrival - however, if the park is closed on the day of your departure you will get this benefit on your check-in date. Unlimited Fastrack ticket allows reduced queuing time on all Fastrack rides.

Please note: FRIGHT NIGHTS attractions begin at 3pm, this event may be too intense for young children and is not recommended for anyone under the age of 13. We reserve the right to refuse entry to guests under the influence of alcohol. Please note some events and attractions may have additional charges. Breakfast is included in all package unless otherwise stated. Subject to availability.